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Fit Plus Martial Arts is the premier martial arts school of the Maritimes. Train with and learn from Atlantic Canada’s elite Mixed Martial Artists. Fit Plus Martial Arts has produced more champions and top contenders than any other martial arts school in Atlantic Canada.

Fit Plus is responsible for producing many of the Maritimes top fighters, including the UFC’s TJ Grant and Chris Kelades. When you join Fit Plus, you are not just getting a membership, you become part of the Fit Plus team and receive the same quality training our pro-fighters receive.



Fit Plus Martial Arts boasts a boxing ring, professional grade training mats, and modern fitness equipment; our state of the art facility and staff have what it takes to help anyone achieve their martial arts and fitness goals.



A variety of class types and flexible scheduling make it convenient to join and start training.  Our current classes include:



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Don’t just take our word on the quality training you will receive at Fit Plus, hear it directly from our members!

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Whether you are an adult, child, pro athlete, or just looking to get in shape – Fit Plus Martial Arts is the right place to learn martial arts and take your fitness to the next level.

Try us today – risk free! With a free, no obligation trial, there is no better chance to try Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for yourself. And don’t feel intimidated if you have never trained in martial arts before. Our classes are segmented by experience level and intro classes are an excellent way to learn the fundamentals, regardless of age, gender, fitness level or experience.

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If you don’t want to commit to being a member you can still use all of our facilities but you will need to have an induction session before using the facilities to ensure that Health and Safety requirements are met – you don’t want to injure yourself on your first visit and ruin all your good intentions!