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The origins of Muay Thai date back to 1700’s Thailand, when a soldier who was notorious for his fighting style was captured by the invading Burmese and offered a chance to fight for his freedom. The captured soldier won his freedom and his fighting style grew in popularity upon his return to Thailand (Siam). Muay Thai would eventually become Thailand’s sacred national sport.

In the 300+ years since the birth of Muay Thai, the Thais have pretty much perfected the martial art. And at Fit Plus, we are not trying to provide our own take on it, we are teaching the same techniques and style you would learn if you were training in Bangkok.


Our instructors make regular trips to sister clubs in Thailand to train with internationally known and respected Muay Thai training camps, and bring back their knowledge to share with Fit Plus members. The Muay Thai training that you get at Fit Plus is authentic as it gets and it shows; Fit Plus boasts national and international Muay Thai champions.


What is Muay Thai? Who should train Muay Thai?

When a fight takes place it generally starts standing up; and Muay Thai has every aspect of the stand up game covered.

  • Kicks are utilized when your opponent is at his/her greatest distance.
  • A combination of kicks and punches are used when your opponent comes into closer range.
  • Knees, elbows, clinching and sweeps are engaged when you are at your closest distance with your opponent.


Muay Thai is one of the best self defense martial arts that can be learned. The skills and techniques are practical for almost any self defense situation. It is for these reasons, Muay Thai is the foundation for MMA fighters stand up game.


Muay Thai is for everyone.

Whether you are in shape, out of shape, male or female; Muay Thai is for you. Muay Thai provides an exceptional full body work out that improves your strength, flexibility, cardio, conditioning and mind. On average you can expect to burn more than 800 calories per workout.



Special care is taken to teach students proper form and body mechanics to eliminate injuries while training.

Our beginner classes place an emphasis on the physical conditioning and the cardiovascular benefits of Muay Thai, while learning effective self-defence strategies at the same time.

The advanced classes focus on furthering the development of an individual through sparring and advanced technique repetition.

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