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At Fit Plus Martial Arts, our classes offer all of the tools needed to successfully compete at the highest levels in mma. Our goal is to fuse together the most applicable techniques and strategies from Wrestling, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Boxing and apply it to the sport of MMA.


Why choose Fit Plus for MMA Training?

Fit Plus Martial Arts has the experience necessary to take a student from a beginner to a contender in MMA. Our athletes have consistently achieved success in organizations such as: UFC, TKO, Bellator, ECC, King of the Cage, Elite 1 and more.

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We are proud to boast being the only maritime gym to produce wins at the highest level, the UFC. UFC veterans TJ Grant and Chris Kelades were built from the ground up at Fit Plus, along with the rest of our highly successful MMA team.


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With a free, no obligation trial, there is no better chance to try mixed martial arts for yourself. And don’t feel intimidated if you have never trained in martial arts before. Our classes are segmented by experience level and intro classes are an excellent way to learn the fundamentals, regardless of age, gender, fitness level or experience.

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